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Meet our team

1 Mesa.jpg

Mesa Allison

Student Minister

2 Mic.jpg

Mic  Biesboer

Senior Minister

3 Greg.jpg

Greg Dowell

Executive Minister

5 Mark.jpg

Mark Love

Local Missions Minister

6 Rylee.jpg

Rylee Lutes

Student Ministry Assistant

7 Hannah.jpg

Hannah McNeill

Director of Communications

8 Mary.jpg

Mary McNeill

Minister *transitioning out May 2024

9 Mollie.jpg

Mollie Morris


10 George.jpg

George Nelson

Building Maintenance

11 Vickie.jpg

Vickie Nelson

Office Manager & Bookkeeping

12 Elaine.jpg

Elaine Nesbitt

Executive Assistant

13 Lanny.jpg

Lanny Newton

Associate Minister

Adult Impact Ministries

14 Sara.jpg

Sara Nickson

Interim Children's Minister

15 Kevin.jpg

Kevin Schaffer

Worship Minister

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