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Local Outreach


We are striving to show Jesus to the community, reaching people in their brokenness through service, relationship, and cooperation.

When we say "missions" at Central, we mean both local and foreign works, from our front yards to the far side of the globe.


Local missions mainly refers to our missions partnerships with five non-profit organizations doing Gospel work here in Amarillo. These local partnerships are also supported by Central's annual Missions Month.


Local outreach designates the ministry that occurs on our Central church campus. These ongoing works -- Loaves and Fishes, Care Central, etc. -- provide regular week-to-week opportunities to show God's love and grace in our immediate church neighborhood. These local outreach ministries are supported by Central's annual operating budget.

Care Central Financial Assistance

This ministry takes place each Sunday morning from 9:00 to 10:30 at the Guest Central desk. Opportunities to visit, pray, and assist people who need financial assistance with utilities, emergency gasoline, and birth certificates.


Life Skills for Women

This ministry meets for 3 sessions during the year with each session lasting for 12 weeks. Different classes pertaining to skills needed to function in today’s world is covered where volunteers can help with setup, cleanup, or building relationships with the women at Martha’s Home and the community.


Martha’s Home Wednesday Meal & Life Recovery Study

This ministry takes place each Wednesday night at 6:00 pm at the shelter. Opportunities exist to prepare a meal or build relationships with the women by sharing a meal and leading them in a “Life Recovery” class.


Loaves & Fishes Food Distribution

This ministry takes place the first three Thursday mornings of the month from 9:00 to 10:00 at the church building. We meet in the basement for a short time of worship followed by our food distribution. Prayer time and relationship building with the participants is an important part of this ministry.

To volunteer, contact Mark Love at 806.373.4389 or

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