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Through Central’s local mission partnerships, we are committing money, volunteers, time, and energy into what our Lord is doing right here in Amarillo. The Bible says we are created by God to do good works which he has prepared in advance for us to do. And those good works are all around us. We believe our local missions partnerships provide more opportunity for Christian ministry and more potential for God’s salvation. 



As part of Central’s proud heritage of foreign missions, we provide financial and spiritual support to several church planters and missionaries around the globe. Our Lord calls us to proclaim the Good News of his Kingdom to all the world. And our partnerships with his servants in Latin America, Africa, India, and Eastern Europe allow us to participate in God’s Gospel work in faraway places.

How can I participate?

Pray with us throughout Missions Month using the Mission Highlight for each day.

You have several options for how to give to missions at Central. You can give weekly to the missions fund. You can give a sum amount on Missions Sunday in October. Or you can make a pledge to fulfill throughout the year. You can give digitally or in person. However you choose to give, our prayer is that God uses those funds to his glory throughout the world.

Your time and involvement are just as important as the money you can give

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We have not been able to travel to Kenya the last two summers, but we have been able to continue our work there. Last year and again this year, we used the funds that would normally go toward our annual trip to provide additional food for children, teachers, elderly, and church members in the Nyalenda slum. The funds provided materials to build several homes for families in need of shelter as well pay for the construction of a security wall and gate around Elaine Nesbitt High School. The care and effort poured into the students resulted in our graduating seniors excelling in their final exams, with most of the students qualifying for admittance into universities in Kenya.


Bivins Elementary

This year, Central provided Snack Paks, the Bivins Christmas Project, teacher appreciation, and a movie night in addition to school supplies and teaching aids for our elementary school neighbors. By partnering with Bivins principal R.J. Soleyjacks we seek to give what the school campus and students need most for each school year so kids and parents are well equipped.


Seth Bouchelle

Our missionary in New York City is bringing people to Jesus and Christian community in very creative ways. The landscape in NYC has changed some due to the pandemic, so the existing churches are reacclimating to normal life while church leaders who have moved out of the city are focusing on church planting in their new locations. In addition to working with these church efforts, Seth has expanded his work to include serving as the Director of Equipping for The Exponent Group ministry. In this role, he is furthering the reach of God’s Word with initiatives located in Chicago, Panama City, and New England.


Byron & Sandra Cana

We provide financial and spiritual support for Byron, Sandra, and their sons, Diego and Derek, as they lead the growing Suba Church of Christ in Bogota, Colombia. The church is growing a foundational team of local workers. Alongside the Canas, this team is assuming responsibilities of different ministries in the church with a heart of service to God’s work. In the midst of social and political unrest in Colombia, the church continues to meet amidst protests and riots in the neighborhood.

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Central Member Missions Trips

The Covid-19 pandemic continued to upset our plans for foreign missions trips in 2021.  If health conditions permit, we hope to take trips to Kenya and Colombia this summer.  Central places a strong emphasis on sending our members abroad for foreign missions experiences and provides varying levels of financial assistance for those trips. For those who have never participated in a mission trip, the missions committee hopes to use funds raised during Missions Month to cover half the cost of their first-time experience. Additional funds may be used on a sliding scale to assist with the cost of trips for those who are only participating for the second or third time. The intent is to ease the financial burden to give more and more of our members the experience of serving in a mission context, especially for the first time. We hope and pray that we can take these mission trips, but we also know that God can use the funds with or without us present in these locations.


Clinica Ezell in Guatemala

Health Talents International provides medical, dental and educational evangelism to underserved people in Guatemala. Since the restrictions to travel (locally and internationally) have been in place during the past year most of the activity at Clinica Ezell and Clinica Caris has been focused on making improvements and meeting government-imposed requirements (construction and renovation) to the facilities at both locations.


Gratitude House

Central is again partnering with the Gratitude House branch of Downtown Women’s Center by aiding their efforts to provide adequate transitional housing to women. Your Mission Month offering will continue to support DWC with table sponsorships and other fundraising expenses.


Great Cities Missions

For more than 40 years Central has partnered with GCM to train and support countless missionaries in churches across Latin America and in Spanish-speaking church plants in the U.S. GCM teams also have provided much needed food and medicine to church members and people in their communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.  In spite of the pandemic, GCM missionaries and national leaders also continued to preach and teach the Good News of Jesus.



This crisis pregnancy center ministers in a variety of ways to approximately 13,000 clients per month. Volunteers from Central regularly help teach parenting classes, lead Bible studies, and organize and stock the HopeChoice benevolence room. This year Central’s contribution went toward the Lead On retreats for college-aged students.

Matt Jones

Central is supporting Matt Jones with Empower One. Matt serves as the Director of Mobilization, working with church partners to join in what God is doing through the ministry. He coordinates short-term mission trips to Africa. Empower One equips and mobilizes local leaders to be church planters taking the gospel back into their own neighborhoods and surround communities.  It’s within this shared culture and language that the gospel is reaching people who never had the opportunity to choose Jesus. Currently Empower One is active in 5 countries in Africa.


Key to the Kingdom

God has been at work in Key to the Kingdom’s mission effort this past year. Requests for Bibles and studies topped 20,000 with over 600 baptisms.  Meals and groceries were given to 9,000 needy people suffering from coronavirus. Spiritual leaders continue to be placed in village churches and 30 elderly Christians are living in the “HOPE” Care Center.


Junior & Patricia Lira

Central has partnered with Junior and Patricia and their work in the Capital Church of Christ in Brasilia for over 12 years to spread God’s word in Brazil. They continue to do ministry to build their church while also extending their reach into the community to provide for the needs of their neighbors. They will hopefully be in Amarillo in November to renew their close ties with so many of us here.

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Martha's Home

As a result of Central’s generosity, Martha’s Home is able to pay a staff social worker to provide more women with access to increased resources to lead them into the next stages of their healing. In 2022, Central’s Missions money will continue to fund the salary for the on-site social worker as well as give needed support for the core budget.


Missions Internships

We want more of our students to serve as missions interns both in foreign fields and in Amarillo, and Central provides the funds to make that happen. This past summer, William Ellis interned at the PARC and Elise Schaffer served at HopeChoice.  Central is committed to funding more of these internships in 2022.  


Tony & Shana Morrow

Our House in Ukraine exists to provide a home in which orphanage graduates live and experience Christianity daily, learn life skills and technical skills, achieve the highest level of education desired, attain a self-supporting profession or trade, and have a good foundation on which to build a solid future.



The Panhandle Adult Rebuilding Center provides Christian community for those experiencing homelessness in Amarillo. Due to the effects of the pandemic here in our city, The PARC was unable to hold their fundraising events for the year. Central’s financial assistance helped fill that gap in funding by providing operating funds for their core budget.



Central is supporting Valerie Richardson and her work at Contact Mission Church of Christ in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After a year of maneuvering COVID restrictions, Valerie has now been able to focus entirely on the youth group. Summer programming returned, and teens learned leadership skills through a student-led VBS and serving with Children’s Worship during Sunday morning service. Valerie’s main focus with the teens is building relationships and building trust to teach them reliance on God.

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Youth Mission Trips

Our students served at Camp Blessing this year for the first time by providing a camp experience for those living with special needs. These teens showed great care, love, and support to the campers during this week-long experience. We hope that more mission trips will be able to take place in 2022 for our student ministry—both for the growth of our teens as well as for the furthering of God’s Kingdom.