First Baptist + Polk Street Methodist + First Presbyterian + Central Church of Christ

4 downtown Amarillo churches seeking to engage our neighborhood for the sake of Christ


4 Amarillo is about our four churches breaking down our walls, putting aside our differences, to unite for the sake of our city. We believe this partnership between denominations is a powerful witness to our city that Jesus really is the Prince of Peace and that he really does possess the power to reconcile and unite. 


We believe that it is God’s will that all disciples of his Son be reconciled. We think God’s great desire is for all Christians to be brought together as a powerful witness to the world of his love and peace. Praise God for the ecumenical spirit of these four churches. Thank the Lord for the willingness here — the eagerness! — to unite with other Christ-followers for the sake of our city.

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“Easter’s Coming.

So What?”

4Amarillo Panel & Combined Worship at First Baptist Church