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Who is Central Church of Christ?

Central Church of Christ is a community of people committed to living out

the mission of God as we follow Jesus and invite others to join us.

Our vision here is:

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It begins with our transformation: Christ at work in us. This is the people of God actively being shaped more and more into the image of Jesus. But it doesn’t stop there. God does his good work in us not just for our redemption but also for the sake of _________. That blank is intentional. It’s up to you to prayerfully seek how God is leading you to fill in the blank, to serve and sacrifice like Christ. Is it for the sake of the world? The lost? The hurting? As you are on the journey to becoming more like Christ, we believe God will guide you to fill in the blank.

Our Vision
Image by Hannah Busing

connect . grow . serve

We care about your faith journey. Your spiritual formation at Central happens through discipleship within the “Connect / Grow / Serve” model. God wants you to be transformed. This happens in community, as you learn, through practice, and on mission (the formation zones). No matter where you are in your faith journey, you can find a place to jump in. We invite you to CONNECT with worship, GROW in classes and/or groups, and SERVE on mission.

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We believe that God’s Spirit works in four key areas in our lives to shape us more into the image of Jesus: knowledge, community, Christian practices, and mission. This is how God works.

Formation Zones
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