Who is Central Church of Christ?

As we are shaped more and more into the image of Jesus, the natural outcome will be ministry and service to others. This is God’s great purpose and will for his people. As we act more like Christ, as we increasingly think and behave like Christ, we’ll sacrifice and serve like Christ. We’ll see that God is working in us and through us to benefit others. He changes us and empowers us to be living testimonies to his mercy and grace. So, just like our Lord, we live for the sake of others.


We believe that God’s Spirit works in four key areas in our lives to shape us more into the image of Jesus: knowledge, community, inner life, and mission.


This is how God works in spite of how we organize and program our church. Imagine now what would happen if we actually walked together in step with God as he transforms us. What if we paid more attention to the methods we already know God uses? What if, as a church, we concentrated on the ways we’ve all experienced God moving in our own individual lives?



Church of Christ


1401 S. Madison St.

Amarillo, TX  79101


Meeting Times

Sunday Mornings

9:00AM Bible Class

10:15AM Worship

Wednesday Nights

7:00PM Bible Study

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