Central’s Dynamite Mission!

“The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of power!”

~1 Corinthians 4:20


Our God delivers his people from bondage in Egypt so they may bless the world. Our Lord Jesus heals the demon-possessed man in the cemetery and gives him a mission to tell others. The Holy Spirit indwells the disciples at Pentecost for understanding and boldness in spreading the Good News. The church in Antioch partners with other Christians to save, heal, and transform all over the world. And none of this is accomplished without divine power.


The Greek word in the New Testament that we translate as power is dunamis. It’s the root for our English words dynamite, dynamo, and dynamic. But in the Bible, it means power.


And not just any power --- dunamis means holy power, power from God, power to produce miracles and marvelous works. It’s the power that parts the vast waters of the Red Sea, crumbles the mighty walls of Jericho, and rolls the stone away from the garden tomb. It’s the power that shines light into the dark, that produces hope in disaster, that brings eternal life out of certain death. This power from above destroys demons, defeats armies, breaks the bars of prison doors, and raises the dead. And this power fuels the dynamite mission of God.


October is when we celebrate and encourage, praise God and remember, nourish the mission impulse and deepen the mission commitment. Please join us at 10:15 this Sunday morning October 7 as we kick off another annual Missions Month at Central.


Our Savior is sending us on a mission both here at home in Amarillo and all around the world. And he’s providing the dynamite to blow it wide open.

Missions Month Schedule

Sunday October 7 - The Power of God to Save!

“When the Israelites saw the great POWER the Lord displayed against the Egyptians…” ~Exodus 14:31


Sunday October 14 - The Power of Christ to Heal!

“POWER was coming from him and healing them all.”

~Luke 6:19


Sunday October 21 - The Power of the Spirit to Transform!

“You will receive POWER when the Holy Spirit comes on you.” ~Acts 1:8


Wednesday October 24 - Day of Prayer & Fasting

8:00am – 6:00pm Prayers in the Chapel

6:00pm – Fall Festival in Sneed Hall

Missions Sunday October 28 - 

The Power of the Church to Proclaim!

“The Gospel is the POWER of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.” ~Romans 1:16

10:15am Worship Assembly in Sneed Hall

11:30am Catered Congregational Lunch in Sneed Hall


Foreign Missions Spending


Junior & Patricia Lira                                                             $49,340

Byron & Sandra Cana                                                           $24,000

Seth Bouchelle                                                                      $21,600

Tony & Shana Morrow                                                         $15,000

Key to the Kingdom                                                              $25,000

Great Cities Missions                                                            $50,000

Kenya Schools Support & Mission Trip                             $95,314

Youth Mission Trips                                                              $12,000

Central Member Trips                                                          $15,490

Great Cities Missionary Support                                        $10,200

Junior & Patricia Lira and Miriam Leite trips to U.S.          $6,300

Central Missionary Care                                                        $2,800

Clinica Ezell                                                                              $6,000

Total                                                                                       $333,044


Local Missions Spending

Bivins Elementary                                                                 $27,719

CareNet                                                                                  $39,000

Gratitude House                                                                   $25,750

Martha’s Home                                                                      $25,000

The PARC                                                                                $25,000

Summer Internships                                                               $8,967

Total                                                                                       $151,436