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When our nation feels so fractured…
When our families and neighbors seem so separated…
When our church is more scattered than gathered…
When the whole world is more focused on the distance and the differences between us…

Now is the time to remember all the things we have in common. 
Now is the season to consider the countless ways we are attached. 
Now is the occasion to acknowledge and prioritize the many ways we are connected. 

Missons 2020
Missions Calendar-01.png

We are all connected to one another. We are all connected to our brothers and sisters in every congregation of God’s Church. We are all connected to our local missions partners and to our missionaries in foreign lands. We are all connected to all the people they serve in the name and manner of Jesus. We all need the same grace of God, we are all saved by the same blood of Jesus, we all share the same Holy Spirit, and we are all sent on the same mission: to connect with the Lord’s work as he reconciles all people and all things together under his Son. 

October is Missions Month at Central. Missions Sunday is October 25. Our goal this year is to give $375,000 on that day to fund our local and foreign missions works in 2021. 

You are invited to join in this annual expression of our faith in God and the exciting experience of sharing in his blessings. Make careful plans to participate, discuss this with your spouse and kids, commit to the sacrifice it’s going to take, pray and reflect on what it means to connect to God’s people and his mission at home and around the world. 

How can I participate?

Your time and involvement are just as important as the money you can give.

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Skip your daily latte to free up $125 for Missions Month!

Eat at home during October and save $300/person to give toward missions.

Asset 3@2x.png

Pray with us throughout Missions Month using the the Mission Highlight for each day.

The generosity of the Central Church is beyond compare. It’s dedication to the mission of God is unquestioned. And the challenge before us is uniquely enormous. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the needs of our missionaries and their churches are larger, the funding gaps for our local missions organizations are wider, and the opportunity to show our Lord’s love and grace to more people in more places is greater. 

Our Central missions partners have become a beacon of light in otherwise dark settings. In many foreign countries, the local church has become the place to receive help, the point from which God’s people sustain, protect, and take care of their neighbors. 

October is when we celebrate and encourage, when we praise God and remember, when we nourish the mission impulse and deepen our mission commitment. This October, during this unforgettable 2020, our Lord is planning mighty salvation acts through you and through us together for the sake of the whole world and his great name. 

2020 Foreign Missions Spending

Junior & Patricia Lira                            $45,735
Byron & Sandra Cana                          $24,000
Seth Bouchelle                                      $27,315
Tony & Shanna Morrow                      $30,000
Great Cities Missions                           $50,000
Key to the Kingdom                             $15,000
Alara and Ringroad in Kenya              $34,574
Clinica Ezell in Guatemala                     $6,000
“Sent by Central”                                     $6,547
Central Member Mission Trips             $6,070
Missionary Care                                      $1,100
One Time Support Gifts                      $14,600

2020 Local Missions Spending

The PARC                                              $27,500
Martha’s Home                                    $25,000
Bivins Elementary                                 $9,418
HopeChoice                                            $2,000
Gratitude House                                    $1,000
Fellowship of Christian Athletes          $1,000
Heal the City                                           $2,986
Summer Missions Interns                    $2,932
Jan Werner Adult Care                             $900
Salvation Army                                       $3,000
Amarillo Area Foundation                    $5,000
“Sent by Central”                                    $6,517

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