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Over the next two years our vision as a church will be funded in three simple categories.

First, we want to enhance the Christian ministry we’re already doing in and through our own facilities. Our church building is a mission outpost in our neighborhood. Our campus gets used every day by those doing Gospel work in our city and by those who do not yet know Christ. We need to upgrade our facilities, make needed repairs and improvements, and build a neighborhood center so those works can impact more people in our immediate area. 

Second, we want to partner with local organizations who are laser-focused and highly effective at meeting the physical and spiritual needs of people in our city. Our goal is to intensify our ministry relationships with Martha’s Home, Bivins Elementary, Gratitude House, CareNet, and the PARC (Panhandle Adult Rebuilding Center) — more resources, more volunteers, more time and energy with the right groups who are making a big difference in Amarillo. 

Third, we want to bring our foreign mission efforts under the umbrella of the overall vision of Central. Not a separate priority, not a different value, but an equal part of God’s plan to work in and through our church for the sake of the world.

Funding Our Vision

We believe God will work in us and through us to make this next bold step in our church vision a Gospel reality. We trust that our Father will work through you and your resources, that he will fan into flame your sacrifice and service for others, to make it happen. And we’re convinced that the best way to accomplish the financial element is with what we’re calling One Fund.


For two years our current giving and all additional giving will go into a single fund from which all church expenses will be paid. This enables us to simplify our giving and reminds us that we are one church, serving one God, living out his one vision for us and the whole world.

One Fund



This is the time to ignite more Christian ministry in our neighborhood, throughout our city, and around the world.

Building Plans
Ministry Partners
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