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Anything is Possible


Our God is the God of Impossibilities. He is described throughout the Old Testament, usually in contrast to idols, as the God who does things nobody else can do and nobody else can even think of. The Scriptures call it “mighty deeds” and “wonders.” The more contemporary translations call it “impossibilities.”


Splitting the Red Sea. Creating a nation out of a barren, 90-year-old woman. A jar of oil that’s never empty. Dry bones that become flesh-and-blood people. There are tons of them. And the Bible continually reminds God’s people to remember those works. Remember the wonders.


Is anything impossible for God? And the answer is always “No!”


Please read Mark 10:17-27. Then join us at 10:15 this Sunday morning November 10 as we consider together the God of Impossibilities.


The Bible is convinced that anything is possible with our God and we should all have that same conviction and imagination. Just because the world says something’s impossible doesn’t mean it is. Just because something looks dead doesn’t mean it can’t live. Just because you feel awful doesn’t mean you’re not really swell.

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The first day of class is December 1. Featuring exciting topics taught by our most revered professors, all during Sunday morning class. Registration begins November 3. More info to come.





November 24

6:00pm at First Baptist Church

Less Hassle, better parking and (the best part) no more construction!

Phase One of the construction portion of Ignite is finally complete! Thanks to our whole church family for your cheerful attitude and great patience during the dust and disruptions. Be sure to take a look at the new play space, the entrance areas, and the Central Commons.


Also, please note that our office entrance is now on the west side of the building.



our Core Scriptures

We believe the foundational words of Scripture shape us. They speak to the nature of our God and his work for us in Jesus Christ. We want these verses to be embedded deep into our souls. Use these downloads for your phone or computer to keep these holy words in front of you.

To download: click the link to open the image. Right-click and save the image to your device.


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