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June 20: "Joseph — Jesus' Stepfather"


Steve Rogers will be preaching this coming Sunday, June 20. Steve has been an elder at Central Church of Christ for many years, and we're excited to hear what he has to share. Please join us here at Central for worship, prayer, communion, and time in God's Word.


Bible classes are at 9:00am, followed by worship at 10:15am. We hope to see you there!

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June 28 - July 1

4Amarillo Week

Volunteer with VBS or with serving ice cream

July 10


Central @ THe PBR

Koben Puckett Invitational PBR

July 12-16

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Sewing Camp

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August 13-15

Family Camp

at Camp Blue Haven

Details to come...

About Covid-19 & Central

We praise God and give him glory as the numbers of cases continue to drop and our situation keeps improving in Amarillo. In light of the good news and with gratitude for your love and concern for others, we now recommend that masks only be worn by those who are not fully vaccinated. Thank you for your patience and your prayers as we continue to navigate the pandemic together.

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If you can't join us in person, tune in to our Sunday worship service via livestream at 10:15am using this link.

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We continue our Morning Word and Prayer time at 8:20am Monday through Thursday mornings on Central's Facebook page. You can email prayer requests at any time to prayer@amarillocentral.org or submit your prayer requests live in the comments during the video.

Word & Prayer

As a community at Central, we are Joining together for the spiritual disciplines of being in God's Word and in Prayer daily. Spiritual practices keep us grounded in our faith and bring us closer to our God.

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