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Group Hug

About GROUPS at Central

The idea for community comes from God. God is himself community (God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – Genesis 1:26). And he made us in His own image – to experience and share in community. He designed us emotionally, physically, and spiritually for life together, and intended that we live in community, and not live as individuals moving in the same direction (like on an escalator). See Matthew 18:20.


The early church community ate together, prayed together, experienced life together, suffered together, shared relationships with Christ together, sought and worshipped God together. They were like-minded and like-hearted (Acts 5:42).


Here are some more reasons we believe in small groups:

  • Life transformation happens in community.

  • Real, genuine and meaningful relationships are built in community.

  • Small groups provide a place to belong—to be accepted, cared for and loved (and to do the same for others).

  • It’s a non-threatening place to include new members, non-Christians, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

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