Wednesday Nights at Central

This new series begins on August 7 in Sneed Hall at 7:00pm. See the full schedule below.

The lessons are also on our podcast. Find them there or click the link below.

August 7 – John 15:12-15

Mark Welshimer,

Polk Street United Methodist Church

For all our technological advances in communication and digital methods of staying in touch, we are an increasingly disconnected people. We have more acquaintances than we can count, but fewer and fewer friends. Does Jesus have anything to say about this?

August 14 – 2 Timothy 3:14-17

Howard Griffin,

First Presbyterian Church

Eighty-seven percent of the homes in the United States own a Bible but only eleven percent of Americans have read all of it. I go to church, I hear the sermons, why should I read the Bible? And is it OK to ignore Leviticus?

August 21 – Mark 1:15

Jimmy Witcher,

Trinity Fellowship Church

Is the Gospel only about going to heaven when I die? Or is there good news for me right now today? Jesus shows us that eternal life is not a quantity that begins when we die, but a quality that begins when we’re born again in him.

August 28 – John 18:33-38

Tommy Politz,

Hillside Christian Church

Your truth. His truth. Their truth. My truth. There’s no difference if we’re all heading to the same place, right? The Gospel truth is an eternal, foundational declaration that rings from the beginning of creation to that final day of glory. And you want to be in on it.

September 4 – John 4:4-26

Karl Ihfe,

Broadway Church of Christ

You know what happens when we assume. We’re all guilty of judging others unfairly and we’ve all been victims of rumor or bad information. Jesus gives us a new perspective for dealing with it and the grace to see others through his eyes of faith.

September 11 – Romans 4:4-8

Brian Mashburn,

Southwest Church of Christ

The most ridiculous part of the Gospel also happens to be the most central: You. Are. Forgiven. Our need for forgiveness is so desperately felt in our innermost beings that even most Christians dare not believe it all the way. How far does forgiveness go? How do I know I’m really forgiven?

September 18 – 1 Peter 4:12-19

Howie Batson,

First Baptist Church 

If God is both all-good and all-powerful, why do innocent people suffer? Why does he allow me to suffer? Peter orients us to the Christian view of this age-old, fundamental dilemma.

September 25 – Psalm 22:1-11, 16-22

Jake Perkins,

Canadian Church of Christ

It is possible that the most difficult season for a person of faith is not in the turbulent middle of a storm, but in the calm eye of a hurricane. During the silence.  In the middle of the pause. What are we to do when God seems absent? How are we to respond when all we hear is silence?


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