We want to be faithful partners in our city.  Therefore, Central's Ignite Initiative provides $525,000 over the next three years for local missions. We want to pour more money, more volunteers, more time and energy into what our Lord is doing right here in Amarillo.

The Bible says we are created by God to do good works which he has prepared in advance for us to do. And those good works are all around us. We believe our deeper partnership with The PARC provides more opportunity for Christian ministry and more potential for God’s salvation.



Panhandle Adult Rebuilding Center (413 SW 6th Street) has reached the stage where they need to hire a staff position for fund-raising and development. Central’s Ignite contributions are paying for this part-time professional to raise The PARC’s profile in our community, to shore up the financial stability of the organization, and to allow them to be open and operating five days a week instead of four. We believe this portion of our partnership will bring more of Amarillo’s homeless population into Christian community.

Funding Ministry for our Neighborhood, City, & World

Volunteer Opportunities



1 volunteer or group of volunteers to provide and serve lunch for 15-25 people one Friday per month for one year. Volunteers can cook the meal or pick up something from a restaurant. Either way, you must be willing to interact relationally with those you serve.



4 volunteers to spend two hours per week working on arts and crafts projects with the homeless clients – painting, woodworking, scrapbooking, art, clay, etc. Volunteers may also attend morning Bible studies at The PARC and/or skills training classes. This is a relational ministry opportunity for mutual encouragement, mercy, and grace.

Painting Project

3-4 volunteers to sand, treat, and paint/stain six interior tables that are used during the daily activities. Another 3-4 volunteers are needed to prime and paint the building’s exterior metal rails and doors.

All volunteers must contact Elaine Nesbitt for approval and scheduling at elaine@amarillocentral.org or 806.373.4389.
A Gratitude House background check and a one-time orientation with Diann Gilmore are required to participate in the mentor program.