"We are created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."
~ Ephesians 2:10

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Spend time with God in prayer discerning how you will use this missions money. Talk about it with at least one other person and prayerfully consider their thoughts. You can also find suggestions below.

Use the money this week, by February 29, to serve someone — not yourself — in the name and manner of Jesus. The person or group you serve with this money needs to know you are doing this because of Jesus. You can accomplish this verbally, with a card, or in some other creative way.

Post a picture or video of your mission activity on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #sentbycentral or tag @amarillocentral. You may also email a picture or video with a short description of your mission act to sentbycentral@amarillocentral.org.

Share your stories with #sentbycentral or tag @amarillocentral

How Can I serve others?

Hang out at the nearest laundry mat for three hours this Saturday. Give people quarters and chat with them while you do your own laundry, too.


Purchase art supplies for The PARC.


Secretly slip a gift card onto a co-worker’s desk, locker, car window, etc., Do it two or three times this week, depending on how much “sentbycentral” money you have. On Friday, ask this person what you might pray for them about. Don’t tell them you were behind the cards.


Surprise the staff at one of our local missions partners with some unexpected morning or afternoon treats.


Spend your “sentbycentral” money on city bus passes and hand them out to people in need.


Invite someone from your workplace you don’t know very well to lunch. Listen attentively to his/her story. Find out where he’s from, how many kids she has, how long they’ve lived in the panhandle. Pray to God before and after the lunch that he would use you to bless this person with mercy and grace.


At your favorite restaurant leave your server an unexpectedly large tip and a note expressing your gratitude and your prayers for God’s blessings.


Contact Gratitude House and find out what you can purchase to help furnish an apartment.


While you’re eating at a restaurant, anonymously pick up the tab for someone there you don’t know. Ask your waiter to hand them a note you’ve written instead of their bill. Write something on the note like “God bless you” or “Grace and Peace from a disciple of our Lord Jesus.”


Pay a week’s worth of daycare for a single mom.


Buy a Discovery Center or Botanical Gardens membership for a family on your street.


Fill up somebody’s gas tank and ask them how you can pray for them.


Invite someone who lives on your street over to your house for dinner. Use your “sentbycentral” money to make this a nice dinner. Before they come, pray that God will use that evening to his glory. Treat your guest(s) like royalty. Before they leave, ask what you can pray about for them.


Identify a server at a local restaurant or the cashier at your convenience store and find out something needful and nice you could do for him/her. Be creative. Work with the manager to do the good deed anonymously.


Use your “sentbycentral” money to start an emergency fund or a CD for the children of a single mom.

Call the elementary school nearest to your house, tell them how much “sentbycentral” money you have, and ask what you could buy and give to the school that would have the most impact on the students.


Contact Christian Relief Fund and use your “sentbycentral” money to purchase a Bible for $5, a mosquito net for $10, a pair of chickens for a needy family for $15, a doctor’s visit for a child for $25, or a pig for a family for $75.


Get the name and address of a Central college student you don’t know. Find out what they like or need and send them an elaborate care package with an encouraging note.


Get together with a Bible class or a small group to sponsor a child in Kenya.


Deliver a six-pack of soda or Gatorade to a crew of city workers. Tell them you appreciate their work. Make sure they know your gesture toward them is done in the name of Jesus.


Purchase restaurant gift cards and give them to people in need.


Provide treats and encouragement notes for the teachers’ lounge at the school nearest to your house.


Contact High Plains Children’s Home and purchase something needed for a particular cottage.


Pay for someone to rake and bag the leaves in a neighbor’s yard on your street. If you get caught, simply tell them you’re doing it in the name of Jesus to the glory of God. Then ask them what you can pray for them about.


Contact Elaine Nesbitt at Central about purchasing underwear for the children at Alara and Ringroad in Kenya.


As you get to the window of a drive-thru, pay for the order of the person behind you. Tell the cashier to tell that person you are praying for them and you hope they have a blessed day. Then, pray to God for them the rest of the day. You can do the same thing at the car wash, Jiffy Lube, or the grocery store.


Contact our Student Minister, Josh Jones, about providing a “scholarship” for a youth group trip or activity.


Contact Steve Cearley at 679-5911 or cearleys56@gmail.com and get the name and contact information of one of our foreign missionaries. Get from that missionary a list of ten things he doesn’t have --- little luxuries or food items she can’t purchase there, maybe his favorite candy bar or soup. Mail those to him/her along with an encouraging letter thanking them for their selfless service to God’s Kingdom. 

Share your stories with #sentbycentral or tag @amarillocentral

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