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Re|Start is a plan to clarify and refocus what we do at Central around the vision.

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You spoke and we listened.

With the long pause that the pandemic provided, we asked for your feedback (see below) and spent time with how you answered. You saw what God is currently doing through Central as well as the possibilities for Central going forward. We took a long, hard look at all that Central is and does. After discernment and prayer, we believe God is calling us to clarify and refocus what we do here in order to bear more Kingdom fruit. And you are a pivotal part of that. By the transforming work of Christ in you, you in turn are at work in this world for the sake of those around you.

Survey Feedback

Focus Group Feedback

Here are the characteristics of Re|Start that you can expect.

  • Excellence: competence in completing tasks and quality of final result

  • Simplicity: less is more, simplify to improve

  • Focus: follow discipleship model as well as Re|Start criteria for all initiatives

Phase 1

of implementing Re|Start


Provide an excellent worship experience for those participating online as well as in-person.

Sunday Bible Classes

Enhance current model with increased focus on both knowledge and community.

Wednesday Night Offerings

Simplify the weekly Wednesday night model to focus on fewer high quality congregational offerings.


Incorporate congregation-wide celebrations throughout the year.

Digital Communications

Connect relationally with people in digital spaces, specifically first-time guests and online visitors.

Mission Partner Highlights

Involve foreign and local mission partners in worship once a month in addition to Missions Month in October.

Resource Recommendations

Provide resources online for individual member spiritual growth.

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The Re|Start team is made up of Scott Bentley, Greg Dowell, Mary McNeill, Allan Stanglin, and Mark Tidwell. Feel free to contact them with questions or concerns. Thank you for your participation!

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