We want to be faithful partners in our city.  Therefore, Central's Ignite Initiative provides $525,000 over the next three years for local missions. We want to pour more money, more volunteers, more time and energy into what our Lord is doing right here in Amarillo.

The Bible says we are created by God to do good works which he has prepared in advance for us to do. And those good works are all around us. We believe our deeper partnership with Martha's Home provides more opportunity for Christian ministry and more potential for God’s salvation.

FUNDS FOR Martha's Home


As a result of Central’s great generosity, Martha’s Home has hired its first ever part-time social worker. We’re using $25,000 of Ignite money to pay the new social worker’s salary for twelve months. This means the ladies at Martha’s Home will get access to more resources faster than they ever have before and move through the system more quickly and into the next stages of their healing. This is already translating into more abused and neglected women and children getting more personal attention and being served with the love and grace of Christ.

Funding Ministry for our Neighborhood, City, & World

Volunteer Opportunities



4 volunteers or groups are needed to mow the front and back lawns of each of the four houses on SW 18th Street every other week for the rest of this season. Going above and beyond with edging and landscape work would also be appreciated. But mainly we just need the four lawns mowed.


4 ladies are needed to spend two hours per week at Martha’s Home interacting relationally with the women and children. Time could be spent playing games, working with a variety of arts and crafts, cooking, or sharing a special skill.

Painting Project

6-8 people are needed to paint the interior of one of the houses. All the furniture will be moved to the middle of the rooms on the day of the project to provide the space necessary. Still, this may be an all day job.

All volunteers must contact Elaine Nesbitt for approval and scheduling at elaine@amarillocentral.org or 806.373.4389.
A Gratitude House background check and a one-time orientation with Diann Gilmore are required to participate in the mentor program.