Q: Do we need the additional square footage of the Neighborhood Center?
A: More than square footage, this is about usable space. The new building will be a ground-level, multi-use facility that will give us more flexibility with how our campus is used.

Q: Why are we calling it a “Neighborhood Center?”
A: “Fellowship Center” communicates that it’s just for our church family while “Community Center” sounds like it’s just for others. “Neighborhood Center” conveys our hopes for a brand new thing, a gathering place where Central’s members and others who live in our city share space and our lives together.

Q: Are we still going to do Missions Month?
A: Yes, we will highlight both foreign and local missions during the two-year Ignite Initiative, in October 2017 and 2018, but not ask for additional money. It’s built in. Beginning in October 2019, Missions Month returns with a financial goal and collection for both local and foreign missions.

Q: What’s happening with the chapel?
A: The exterior steps are in need of structural repairs. As part of that process, they will be reconfigured to run straight down to street level as originally constructed in 1929-30.

Q: Can I still give to Snack Pak and the Good Samaritan Fund?

A: Yes, items that have historically been funded outside the general budget by special giving have now been placed inside the One Fund for Ignite. Figure this amount into your two-year pledge and give it when you can.


Q: How long are the commitments with the local ministry groups?

A: The initial partnerships are for two years. After that time each ministry will be evaluated and, perhaps, modified, allowing for flexibility to do more or less as needs arise and the Holy Spirit leads in ministering to our city.


Q: How does this affect the children’s area?

A: Ignite provides a new play space for our younger kids and allows us to eliminate the outdoor playground for needed parking. It also cleans up and widens the passage from our new front entrance to the worship center.


Q: What are we doing in the worship center?

A: The plan is to replace the 34-year-old carpet, enlarge the stage, and make other needed repairs and improvements.


Q: What happens to the Upreach Center?

A: It will be demolished for needed parking space and the ministries moved into the main Central church campus.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact an elder or minister.

You can also email questions to Ignite@AmarilloCentral.org