Doing these important things will have a significant impact on Central for several generations to come. This is a critical signpost, another marker in the ways God is working in and through our church for the sake of others.

So, how do I give?

Carefully figure the amount you normally give in a year – weekly offerings, Missions Month, special giving – all of it. Add to that the increased amount you want to give during Ignite and multiply it by two years. Now, if you’re able to give from stored resources*, prayerfully add that one-time gift to your total. Fill out and sign an Ignite pledge card and bring it to the assembly on Impact Sunday, February 12.

Yes, this is a God-sized goal. This isn’t going to happen unless God shows up and makes it happen. God is going to have to change hearts, God is going to have to move a mountain or two. And we are convinced that he will.


*Examples of

stored resources

- Stocks

- Property

- Bonds

- Savings