We want to be faithful partners in our city.  Therefore, Central's Ignite Initiative provides $525,000 over the next three years for local missions. We want to pour more money, more volunteers, more time and energy into what our Lord is doing right here in Amarillo.

The Bible says we are created by God to do good works which he has prepared in advance for us to do. And those good works are all around us. We believe our deeper partnership with Downtown Women's Center Gratitude House provides more opportunity for Christian ministry and more potential for God’s salvation.

Gratitude House

FUNDS FOR DWC Gratitude House

Ignite funds are being used to pay for the counseling so desperately needed by the women at Downtown Women’s Center Gratitude House. Our gift of $25,000 will fund the counseling services for more than 30 women for a full calendar year. These services include:

    • general counseling
    • chemical dependency counseling
    • case management
    • social work assistance
    • education assistance
    • transportation
    • childcare

Funding Ministry for our Neighborhood, City, & World

Volunteer Opportunities


6 ladies are needed as volunteers in the Gratitude House mentoring program. Each volunteer is assigned to one woman and is responsible for providing friendship and support. Each mentor is required to contact her assigned client once per week by phone and meet with her for face-to-face conversations twice per month. Those conversations can be at a park, while shopping, at lunch or dinner, etc.



6-8 men are needed to paint the newly rebuilt porches. This needs to be done soon, before the wood begins to warp. The paint is provided.



3-4 men are needed to replace twelve exterior light fixtures in both the upstairs and downstairs breezeways. This is probably a two to three hour job. The fixtures are provided.

All volunteers must contact Elaine Nesbitt for approval and scheduling at elaine@amarillocentral.org or 806.373.4389.
A Gratitude House background check and a one-time orientation with Diann Gilmore are required to participate in the mentor program.