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People in our culture are seeking God. And God is pursuing those people fiercely. Our God loves all people and he wants all people to be saved. And God is putting those people directly in your path for you to show them his love and grace, for you to reflect Christ into their lives, for you to have important conversations with them. God does this all the time. This is how he operates.


In 2018, we tried to make sharing the Good News a little less scary. We focused on an exciting vision of holy possibility, the great potential that exists when all of us partner with God’s Holy Spirit in simple and practical ways.


You will find here the “Good News” Sunday morning sermon series from April, the summer Wednesday night teachings “More Ready Than You Realize,” and the “Conversation, Community, Connection” personal evangelism trainings from Seth Bouchelle’s weekend with us in November. Please use these teachings as a resource and point of encouragement as you plant seeds of Kingdom truth among your neighbors and co-workers.


There’s not one single person you can talk to about Jesus in whom God’s Spirit hasn’t already been working. God’s on this. He’s way ahead of you. When he puts somebody right in front of you, the absolute fact is that he’s been convincing them, drawing them, and preparing them for a while. You don’t have to start anything! You are more ready than you realize!

Pray that God will open a door.

Pray that we proclaim Christ clearly.

Make the most of every opportunity.

Colossians 4:3-6

Please send me a link to Seth's training video.

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