Construction Has Begun!

Thank you for your faithful commitment and participation in our church vision! By God’s grace, the local and foreign missions and the church operating budget are fully funded and the ministries are thriving. Now it’s time to begin the much-needed work on our building.


Construction has begun, and it’ll be a little messy and a little inconvenient and very exciting. So, we ask three things:


Practice Patience – Refer to the maps to know where to park and which doors to use to access our building during this construction phase. Keeping your eye on the goal of the finished product and encouraging others will help.


Say Your Prayers – Our campus gets used every day by those doing Gospel work in our city and by those who do not yet know Christ. Ask the Lord to bless us during this construction period, that those ministries can be expanded to his glory.  


Finish Your Pledge - In the words of the apostle Paul, you are excelling not only in faith, speech, knowledge, and love -- you are excelling in the grace of giving. Keep it up! We’re going to need every penny of what was pledged!


Stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted with announcements on Sundays, through the app and website, on our Facebook page, and by email. The parking situation will shift in phases every couple of months, but we’ll notify you before each change.

You are to be commended for your generosity and for the faithful way you embrace the ministry God is doing through Central in our neighborhood, throughout our city, and around the world. May our eyes be open and our hearts in tune with what God has planned for us together the rest of this year and beyond.


OFFICE ENTRANCE: Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-5:00pm

Friday, 8:30am-12:00pm

Please use the north door attached to the chapel.

If you need handicap access, please call us

so we can assist you (806) 373-4389.

CHURCH ENTRANCE: Sunday Mornings

Wednesday Nights

All north, east, and south doors will be open.