COMMUNITY – Belonging Together


“In Christ, we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” ~Romans 12:5


The older couple who took you in and paid attention to you during your early years of marriage. Your family life group that’s been together through thick and thin for more than twenty years. Your greatest friends in the youth group. The Tuesday morning prayer group. We can all look back and see where God placed the perfectly right people in our lives at the perfectly right time. These are the people who love us, who encourage us, who challenge us, and support us. Through them, our God has worked to deepen our faith and enrich our relationships to him and to one another.


We want to do community well at Central. We want our family life groups and small groups to pay more attention to the transforming work of God within our smaller communities. We intend to build on Sticky Buddies and combined Bible classes to foster more intergenerational relationships. We see more relational components within our Bible classes and worship assemblies to cultivate more mentoring opportunities. And we’re experimenting now with covenant groups that are built on a holistic discipleship / mission foundation in hopes of implementing it in phases to the entire congregation. 


Church of Christ


1401 S. Madison St.

Amarillo, TX  79101


Meeting Times

Sunday Mornings

9:00AM Bible Class

10:15AM Worship

Wednesday Nights

7:00PM Bible Study

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